Our range of Video equipment covers Vision Mixers/Scalers & Video Converters

Video to many is something of a 'dark-art'.  Many products are just plain fickle!  If you are holding an event where you don't know exactly what you are processing then there are two magical words Multi-Format.  If the device doesn't say Multi-Format then beware, it will be fixed format and you need to choose carefully.

If the unit you require is Multi-Format then most of the risk is removed, it means you can plug in a range of differently formatted inputs and normalise to a common output.  So, if you are processing a Composite Video feed, a 720p camera, a 1080i camera and a 1080p data source from a laptop, the Roland Multi-Format device will allow you to manage the output of the vision mixer to match your projector of screen without interfering or requiring any adjustment to the input sources.  Your Video problem is solved with Multi-Format.

Converters mean you can mix video and data or convert interlaced to progressive or manage resolution transfer.  Then comes the thorny issue of embedding or de-embedding the audio from HDMI or SDI transmission - the Converter will help you do this.  Need advice?  Just call us on 0845 567 5679 or email us at with your details and your questions and we will get back to you, promptly!

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Roland VC-1 SC Up/Down/Cross Scan Converter Video
Roland VC-1SC up/down/cross Scan Converter. Enables HDMI / Composite / RGB+HV [VGA] to convert to HDMI and HD-SDI Outputs. Features Audio Embedding and De-Embedding. Features Scaler inbuilt.
Starting From £ 15.00 per Day
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MicroCue 2L Presenter Cueing System Projectors, Video, Wireless Systems
MicroCue 2L Presenter Cueing System with Laser Pointer, NEXT, BACK and BLACKOUT buttons, wireless receiver.
Starting From £ 30.00 per Day
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Roland V-1HD 4 Channel HDMI Vision Mixer Video
Roland V1-HD Compact, affordable 4 Channel HDMI Vision Mixer with Embedded Audio. Select 720p / 1080i / 1080p fixed formats and input up to 4 HDMI devices and output to up to 2 HDMI devices, such as Screens or Projectors
Starting From £ 45.00 per Day
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Roland VC-300HD SDI/DVI Multi-Format Video Converter with Audio Embedding/De-Embedding Video
Roland VC-300HD Bi-Directional Multi-Format Converter with inbuilt Audio Delay for video conversion up to 1080i. HDV, DV, SD-SDI, HD-SDI INPUTS convert to HD, SD and DVI Outputs in a range of formats.
Starting From £ 150.00 per Day
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Roland VR-50HD Multi-Format A-V and Streaming Mixer Video
Roland VR-50HD Mulit-Format AV Mixer is an integrated Audio & Video Mixer providing up to 6 live channels of video including 2 PiPs, 12 Audio Channels and USB outputs for Streaming Live!
Starting From £ 250.00 per Day
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