Terms & Conditions For Events

  • Basis of Booking

Acoustic Moon Limited t/a AML Group (“AML”), in consideration of the Agreed Price (“Fee”) will provide Live Technical Services on the Agreed Date for the Agreed Times at the Agreed Venue (“Performance”) in accordance with the terms and conditions herein (“Conditions”).   Collectively this shall form the basis of Customer Order (“Order”).

This document sets out the Conditions of supply between AML and the Customer (“Customer”).  For the purposes of clarity, the Customer assumes responsibility for the venue (“Venue”) and confirms by entering into this agreement that all matters relating to the Venue obligations herein are fulfilled.

Live Event Technical Services will consist of providing suitable equipment for the artists/performers/speakers/presenters to conduct their live performance, the set-up, tear down, management and mixing of the sound, lighting, video and effects during the Performance (“Service”).  Any supplementary services agreed between the parties will be specified on the corresponding Order.  We may choose to sub-contract certain provisions of the Service at our discretion.

Any variations to the Conditions or the Performance, including requests to extend the times agreed or the scope of work to be provided, shall be at the sole discretion of AML and may incur additional charges, which the Customer agrees to pay in the event that any variation is agreed between the parties.

  • Customer & Venue Obligations

The Customer is responsible to ensure that the Venue is fit for purpose and that AML will have reasonable level access to the Venue, a suitable location for professional sound mixing (front-of-house) and a stage environment conducive to conducting a professional live performance.

The Customer is responsible for security at the Venue; it is Customers responsibility to ensure adequate and suitable security is provided.

The Customer will provide a suitable power supply (13A/16A/32A/63A/125A) as required or specified, plus outlets within 10 metres of the location expected for the Performance to be carried out.  AML reserves the right to discontinue all or part of the equipment usage in the event that the power supply is either unsuitable or incapable of operating the equipment without risk of damage.  The surface on which AML is expected to provide the Service must be smooth, flat and solid (the surface may not be gravel, dirt or any unstable surface). 

If the Performance is to be carried out outside (by prior agreement only) the Customer agrees to furnish a facility that completely covers the AML equipment from direct sunlight and rain unless otherwise agreed in writing. 

If Service must be discontinued for any of the reasons specified herein Clause 2, the full balance of the Fee will remain due.

The Venue shall have all relevant public performance licences and Customer hereby indemnifies AML for any liability arising from a failure on the part of the Venue to obtain the necessary PRS, local authority of other body licences to conduct public performances or play live/recorded music.

  • AML Obligations

AML will provide suitably trained staff to provide the Service in accordance with these Conditions.

AML will advise and agree with Customer set-up time and prepare for the Performance in advance such that the Performance may commence at the Agreed Time.

AML will prepare the equipment, its location, cable routes etc., in accordance with experience, best practice, health & safety guidelines and venue constraints. 

AML may discuss options with Customer; however, if Customer has any specific preferences this should be raised in advance of set-up.  AML is not responsible where commencement of Performance is delayed owing to re-work associated with changes requested by Customer after set-up has commenced.

AML will manage the Performance, and where requested provide background music between sets.  The sound, vision and lighting mixing and output during the Performance is at the sole discretion of AML.

AML will teardown the equipment at the end of the Performance.

AML will make all reasonable endeavours to ensure the Performance is an enjoyable experience for both performers and audience.  However, AML is not

responsible for the performers, their conduct, behaviour, equipment or the audience reaction to any content provided during the Performance.

AML will select suitable equipment to provide the Service based upon qualification of needs obtained in conversation with Customer, noting any

specified requirements on the Order.  The final selection of equipment used by AML is at the sole discretion of AML unless explicitly agreed in writing.

  • Prices

Prices of the Products and Services shall be those contained upon the Order or Quotation and shall be exclusive of any applicable value added or any other sales tax; delivery, accommodation; or any other applicable charges, which shall be noted on the Order.   The Prices shall be fixed unless otherwise stated on the Order.

  • Terms of Payment

Orders shall be subject to the following terms unless otherwise agreed in writing;

  1. Booking Deposit  25% of Fee or £250 whichever is the greater.  Payable upon acceptance by Customer and Agreement by AML where booking is > 1month from Performance.
  2. Stage Payment  50% of Fee is payable 1 calendar month prior to the Performance.
  3. Balance Payment  100% of Fee is payable 7 days prior to the Performance.

Please note that unless otherwise agreed in writing he FULL Fee for goods and/or services shall fall due 7 days prior to Performance. 

  • Payment

Our preferred method for Payment is BACS.  In some cases, we may offer the option for Debit & Credit Card payment on orders less than £500.

–  BACS transfer bank details will be specified on our invoice.

–  Cheques should be made payable to AML Group.

–  Debit & Credit cards will only be accepted by using the online payment option link on our invoicing where provided.  Business Debit or Credit card transactions may be liable to a surcharge.

Please note that CASH will ONLY be accepted when agreed, in advance, in writing.

  • Cancellation

If Customer cancels the booking for whatever reason the following terms apply from Performance;

  1. < 7 days Full Payment Due, No Refund.
  2. <30 days, >7 days; 50% Payment Due, No Refund.
  3. > 30days, <60 days, Deposit Amount Due, No Refund.
  4. > 60days, Deposit Refunded.
  • Publicity

We reserve the right to photograph and record excerpts of any event for publicity or social media purposes and Customer hereby consents to this unless otherwise explicitly stated in writing on the Order or Quotation.  AML may approach Customer for a testimonial, which is solely at Customers discretion.

  • Live Recording (Audio or Video)

If you contract us to do live recording of your event (audio and/or video) the copyright of the recording (not the music or performance) belongs to AML.  You may wish to purchase a licence to use the content from us, for an agreed fee.  We may be contracted to make copies of the recording, but you may not make unauthorised copies without our consent.  We reserve the right to record any event for training purposes; we will not publish any media, except excerpts, without written consent of its rightful owner(s).  All rights reserved.

  • Liability

AML will not accept liability for any equipment directly or indirectly connected to AML equipment that has not been PAT tested and/or complies with electrical safety regulations.  We can have your equipment tested on our behalf, but Customer will be liable for all associated costs to do this.

AML shall not be liable for any loss, whether direct or indirect or for any consequential loss.  AMLs maximum liability in the event of any claim shall be limited to a sum no greater than the amount of the fee paid for the Services.

  • Waiver

Failure by AML to enforce at any time or for any period of time any of the provisions hereof shall not be construed to be a waiver of such provisions or the rights of AML thereafter to enforce each and every such provision.

  • Severance

The invalidity or unenforceability for any reason of any part of these Conditions shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder

  • Governing Law & Jurisdiction

These Conditions shall be governed by English law and in the event of any dispute; the Customer and AML hereby agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

  • General

Customer understands that the Order is subject to the Conditions herein.