Freeman Stage is all-quiet..... Shhh!

AML Group have been working with Freeman, a new 4/5 piece function band for weddings, parties and functions and collectively some of the most highly talented musicians in the industry today.  The front-man Vince Freeman is himself an established solo singer/songwriter with highly accomplished song-writing skills and a strong stage-presence. We've work with Vince for several years on a variety of events in many and varied venues but when Freeman was launched the AML team immediately set about raising their game in terms of production values to ensure that we could deliver the best possible audience and artist experience.  Taking the noise off the stage is always desirable, but this only works with experience musicians who have their own custom moulded "in-ear" headphones - adding lots of trailing wires is also not a solution, so wireless was the answer.  AML Group invested in multiple channels of Wireless IEMs (In-Ear Monitors), a system that allows the sound engineers to tailor the mix for each individual musician and deliver this wirelessly to a body-pack connected to the musicians in ear monitor buds.

"We customised a rack to easily transport the system using an antenna combiner and on-stage directional antenna paddle to reliably send the signals to the band" said Chris Webster, Managing Director of AML Group, "we have reduced the amount of heavy monitoring equipment and amplifiers we needed to take to site and in turn speeded up the set-up time as well as controlling the sound levels in the room and improving both audience and band experience - a win-win for all concerned".  Comments Vince Freeman, "This investment in the future of Freeman by AML Group means we can not only deliver the best possible set, but really enjoy the on-stage experience, our first few gigs this year have been transformational, musically with the new band and technically with the AML team!"

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