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AML Group Acquire Bubble Networks

AML Group, the technical event services and live production business based in Frome, Somerset; has today announced the acquisition of Bubble Networks to help drive expansion and growth into IT sectors serving the event industry and small businesses struggling with the day-to-day challenges of communications and IT.

Bubble Networks was established over 10 years ago to service a community of professional users with hosting of their email and communications services.  Offering a secure, enterprise class email service to improve reliability, reduce spam and unify information across multiple devices; Bubble Networks has built a UK based infrastructure, which has now extended operations to Frome.

“When we looked at AML Group’s needs for reliable communications to a diverse distributed workforce operating in multiple locations we were severely challenged by the poor quality of many ‘bundled’ email services from major broadband providers, the lack of security, the volume of spam and the absolute need to ensure all information was available anytime, on any device” says Chris Webster, Managing Director of AML Group.  “Bubble Networks delivered a solution which immediately solved this challenge, at a affordable cost and removed the complexity of needing to manage our own IT infrastructure.”

Chris goes on to say… “We were so happy with the solution we looked to the market and saw an opportunity for small businesses still using generic email addresses who could benefit from this service.  It fits naturally with the growing demands for IT in the events sector, so we purchased the business, the infrastructure and the skills of the people to be able to offer the services from AML Group to new customers.”

“Joining AML Group was a natural progression for Bubble Networks” said Simon Kenning, Networks Director, “We have worked hard to solve challenges for our customers over the last 10 years and to extend our reach now is the right time for change, we see a lot of opportunity to expand with AML Group.”