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Bubble Networks becomes a member of AML Group

Bubble Networks announces today that it has become a member of the AML Group, which incorporates a diverse range of business activities primarily for the Entertainment Industry.


One of the purposes of becoming a member of the AML Group is to ensure a ubiquitous approach to communications, security and cost management.


One such approach, which Bubble Networks has delivered consistently for eight years, is enterprise class communications, shared resources, and security software which can be scaled and shared to a number of business domains and customers.


Developing such scaled resources ensures that Bubble Networks can continue to develop and grow in strength for the future whilst maximising cost benefits, centralised purchasing, accountancy and billing.


By also becoming a member of AML Group, Bubble Networks has become the Internal IT provider for the entire group and continues to develop and support IT strategies and systems for the business as a whole.


For Network Users currently registered with Bubble Networks there will be no change to how services are delivered. However, with regards to billing of services, VAT Invoices will be provided for either annual or monthly subscriptions. Further information about how to process subscriptions will be provided in due course.


Other long terms benefits include a team of people who are highly motivated in business development with many years of experience in all areas of AML Group’s business activities, and professionals who have a strong sense of commercial awareness with a strong desire to deliver exceptional service to all AML Group customers.




About AML Group


AML Group is an event services company established in 2011; principally to raise the game in live production through the promotion of unsigned musical talent, raising the bar on how things sounded, how things looked and how to distribute content to take advantage of widely dispersed audiences. AML Group’s three business areas include AML Production, Hire and Sales of equipment and services, and PopUp Networks. More information provided at

About Bubble Networks

Bubble Networks was founded in 2004 principally to deliver enterprise class communications to professionals who demanded strength in IT security and reliability. Services include fully configured email address and mailbox, Anitvirus, Anti Spam, Anti Malware, worldwide access to services including virtual private networks and remote management of user desktops in both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X by means of Directory Services. Bubble Networks provides its network users with complete confidence and piece of mind whilst using communication systems and services on the Internet.