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Hosting a live music event?  Four tips to help you get it right.

One of the most common statements we hear when prospective clients are organising an event is “we just need a PA!”

We all know well-meaning folk that have some PA equipment and oodles of enthusiasm, and they’ll do it for free, beer or food – because they can.  But is it right for you?

This blog lists some of the fundamentals to help organisers of live music events understand the elements they need to bring about a successful experience for their audience, the artists and your reputation to ensure that your liability is protected.

PA – When people say they want a PA, what they often need is: 

  • A PA – of course – but what size is the venue? How many people? Indoors or outdoors? Venue space or marquee? Your answers will dictate the type of PA required.
  • A sound desk and sound engineer
  • Microphones, stands, stage monitors, cabling, Dis
  • Power distribution on the stage
  • Stage technician to do set-up and change-overs smoothly

Power – What is the power availability at the venue or site?  Do you need to consider a generator?  Are you having food stalls – in which case, are they sharing the power?  It’s important, for practical and health and safety reasons, to have a clear understanding of this.

Lighting – Playing in the dark is not great.  Have a think about the mood, theme or atmosphere you are trying to create. Do you want static lighting, or moving lights and effects?

Liability – How do you choose a technical partner to work with?  Music and sound production is fun and lots of people want to get involved.  But are you protected?  Does your partner of choice carry Public Liability Insurance?  Is their equipment PAT tested and certificated?  If they are employing crew, do they have Employers Liability?  Professional companies will tick all these boxes for you.  Remember, as the client YOU are liable in the event something goes wrong.

So, in short, when planning your event think PPLL – PA, Power, Lighting & Liability – this way you will naturally choose a partner who will deliver what is needed, to a professional standard and ensure that as an event organiser you are not exposed.  AML Group understands these principles, they are core to our business and solution provider values.

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