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How to use live event production to deliver the best client and audience experience (and win repeat business)

The essence of delivering a successful live-event is to leave nothing to chance; the partners you choose to deliver these events play a critical role in its success and your reputation.

Production values are often discussed without too much understanding of what actually underpins the term, so let’s explore it a little…

  1. Planning - is the #1 element of ensuring success, but valuing your partners’ creativity and experience to help deliver the project on-time and on-budget is critical. Bring partners into the planning process at the earliest opportunity.
  2. Investing - Ensure that partners invest in understanding the ‘brief” and leverage their ideas, creative processes and recommendations – ahead of time.
  3. Theming - A thematic approach gets everyone on the same page. What are the client’s objectives or vision?  How can the theme be conveyed through production?  Looking, listening, and critiquing helps bring the event together.
  4. Flow - Your technical partner will take care of the tech, try not to concern yourself with that – instead be concerned about how the event will run, the information needed for it to have ‘flow’ and to smoothly transition without awkward lighting, sound pauses, or disjointed musical interludes.
  5. Look - As a venue you may have generic A/V installed in your function room – but don’t let that lead the A/V solution for live events. Cutting corners can inhibit your A/V provider’s creativity, leading to compromises that will impact the end result for your client.
  6. Feel - If presentations are involved it is the ill prepared that fall foul of PowerPoint.  Have you fixed a format/aspect for the presentations with all the presenters?  Getting presentations organised, in order, and reviewed for formatting and flow, ahead of time, will pay dividends.
  7. The iceberg principle – The mass is invisible. The result (the bit your audience sees) is the difference for repeat business, client satisfaction, and a positive audience experience.   

In short, production values play a significant role to the planning and successful execution of an event that achieves the client’s objectives and excites the audience – and helps you to win repeat business.  AML Group understand these principles, they are core to our business and solution provider values.

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