Interactive Conference Solution

Part of our Conference & Meetings capability includes a fully branded, customised, iPad based Interactive Conference Solution for a wide-range of conference applications, such as;

  • Interactive Voting – capture the mood, the moment, the words and the opinions in real-time
  • Streaming Powerpoint – the current presentation, or an archive of presentations available
  • Viewing Agenda – keep up to date with changes
  • Posting Questions – by delegate to chair
  • Sending Messages – chair to all delegates via a flash bar on the application
  • Delegate Note Taking

Is it Secure?  YES!

This solution is Secure and operates on its own dedicated wireless network with no dependency on the venue.  This means we can control your data, deliver management reports and statistics and guarantee no data is stored on the device or taken away from the conference without your permission.  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is popular but susceptible to the reliability of local networks and the device itself.  AML Group’s interactive application takes all this hassle away, it ensures your security, maximises audience engagement and delivers branding & messaging opportunities to your captive audience.

What does a solution look like ?

There are 4 essential components to the solution;

  1. Application Software – tailored and branded to your company or event and includes the Network Server and Network Transmission system used at your event – see the example below
  2. Interactive iPads – loaded with the client software and programmed to talk exclusively with the solution network environment and pass any collected data to the server, from 10 – 1000 iPads, charged and ready to go……. and always a few in reserve!
  3. Technical Services – trained and dedicated technicians to run the service and ensure reliability, accurate content and deliver the statistical reports post event.  Independently of whether you use AML Group to supply your Audio Visual Services, we will work as part of YOUR team to deliver this element of the event.
  4. Transport – We need to get to you, deliver and get back

I am an End-User, it’s my conference or meeting – will you work directly with us?

Absolutely YES! – we may be techies at heart but we have good communication skills, understand teamwork and see the big picture, we add-value and understand the corporate environment.

Do I have to use AML Group for A-V Services to get this solution?

No, of course we’d love to bid for your A-V Work but most corporate clients have established relationships and we don’t want to tread on toes, the upside is that our team understand events, A-V and all things conference so we are not silo’d in our thinking and compliment the end result – a successful, engaging and interactive conference or meeting!

I am organising a conference on behalf of a Corporate Client – will you work with us?

Absolutely YES! – we value your role in the relationship with the end-user client and will click-in as part of the team

I am an A-V Company in the trade with a client base who need this Service – can I trust you to work with us?

Absolutely YES! – we do a lot of Cross-Industry rental business, we completely respect your clients and look to compliment your service – our techs will even wear your shirts if you like!

How much does it cost ?

There are a number of variables which affect the pricing such as number of delegates, amount of customisation or bespoke capability versus standard capability.  We’d be happy to arrange a meeting or please get in touch for a quotation providing some information about your event, when and where it is happening and how many delegates you envisage.

How do I find out more or get in touch ?

Call and speak to Chris Webster during business hours on 01373 888 335, or 07795 844627 outside hours or Email Us, we’ll get back to you.