Case Study - Buitelaar Production Ltd




Buitelaar Production has a network of calf collection centres across the UK for its beef supply chain, working with farmers to deliver a sustainable and profitable source of veal and beef products. 

Buitelaar wanted to reach out to its partners to promote its services and the value of its production cycle through a series of seminars at a Farm Open Day. The seminars would incorporate guest speakers to explain Buitelaar’s role in maximising partner productivity, animal well-being, and the supply chain, in order to deliver a high quality and sustainable product.

AML Group was engaged to support the audio-visual element of the Farm Open Day. The seminars were to be hosted in a most challenging environment core to every farmer’s production cycle – a cow-shed!  Providing both audio and visual production services, AML Group worked with the organisers to deliver a seamless flow of presentations in multiple sessions over two days.  Buitelaar’s marketing and events organiser Kim Evans, commented:

“AML Group provided a completely professional service for our Farm Open Day, and I would recommend their services for any event. The team was easily able to ascertain our support needs and delivered the highest quality audiovisual equipment and support in a very challenging environment.  AML’s expertise in managing and manipulating complex PowerPoint presentations and video play-out ensured that not only were our participants impressed with the presentations, but that our speakers also felt relaxed and confident with the level of professional support provided.  We have had terrific feedback about the event and know how important it is that everything runs smoothly; seamless audio-visuals is something that people take for granted, but shouldn't!”

About Buitelaar
Buitelaar was established in 1922, and has 90 years and 5 generations of success delivering quality products whilst maintaining family core values.  Our extensive knowledge of farming, livestock and production systems, coupled with a proven track record of delivery across the full chain ensure an excellent end product with quality customer service.

About AML Group
AML Group was established in 2011 providing live event production services for Weddings, Functions, Conference, Meetings, Music & Festivals.  Our values include exceeding client expectations and delivering high production standards with the latest equipment and skilled technical services.

Chris Webster, Managing Director
AML Group
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