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Rubber Box 63A 3-Phase 415v Distro


Rubber Box 63A 415v 3-Phase Supply Distribution Unit

Product Code: RUB270H4
Type 270H Box fitted with:
1 x 63A 415v 3PH+N+E Appliance Inlet
1 x 32A 415v 3PH+N+E Socket
3 x 32A 240v 1PH+N+E Sockets
6 x 16A 240v 1PH+N+E Sockets
1 x 63A TP MCB
1 x 63A 30ma 4 Pole RCD
1 x 32A TP MCB
3 x 32A SP MCBs
6 x 16A SP MCBs
1 x Set Incoming LEDs

Power Distribution
415v 3-Phase

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