Data Privacy Policy

AML Group Privacy Policy (Updated May 2018)

How we get your data?

When you contact us or we provide quotations the information you give is what we need to be able to deliver quotations, invoices etc. We maintain a private record of your organisation name and address, your name, email and phone numbers.

The data we hold?

The specific data that is stored on secure servers is name, address, email and phone number (if supplied).

How we share and use your data?

We hold your date in secure systems but we never share this information outside our organisation nor do we send out emails or other communications for other organisations.  Our undertaking is only to send communications of legitimate interest to our customers and prospects.  That said, you can opt out of these communications at any point, the opportunity to unsubscribe is given in every email –  your choice at all times; the choice of what data we hold and share lies with the individual.

What about Tech Specs or information you may share with us related to a performance?

When we ask for technical specifications or a statement of your requirements please be aware that this information will be shared amongst the production team involved with the event, this may include people involved in the creation of the event and/or the venue as well as AML Group personnel.  By sending us your technical specification, which may contain personal contact details of the band or crew involved in your performance, you consent to us holding and sharing this data for the purposes of the event.  Under no circumstances will the information be shared with 3rd parties outside the direct involvement of the event in question.

What do I do if I have a question or wish to contact AML Group about the data they hold?

Contact our data security manager, Chris Webster or email us if you are unsure what data we hold, or wish for any data to be removed from our systems.