Covid/19 Safety Assurance

The current pandemic is impacting all businesses nationwide, but none more so than the live events industry. Whilst the government has issued guidelines for live-events it is undoubtedly the responsibility of individuals to protect themselves, take steps to mitigate and reduce risks; alongside businesses such as AML Group which take this matter seriously.

Our clients, our freelancers and staff, our artists and crew all need to be kept safe. If you are thinking of having an event in the foreseeable future there are some practical steps you can take as an organiser to mitigate risks to us all. There are also practical steps that we can take to support you and protect the AML team and our artists and performers…..

Some of the generic principles are;

  • Social Distancing
  • One way Systems
  • Use of face-masks
  • Clear un-obstructed access routes
  • Sanitisation
  • Air-Flow

Some of the specifics that we expect from YOU, the organiser include;

  • Welfare facilities including toilets, hand wash and well ventilated rest areas
  • Access to stage and back stage area away from public, fenced off and non-accessible
  • Clear un-obstructed route from Front-Of-House to stage
  • Adherence to the generic principles above, co-ordination of public
  • Zero tolerance of audience accessing stage/crew areas

Some of the specifics that AML Group provide include;

Gig Screens 2.2m High x 1.2m Wide
Help keep you safe!
  • Sanitised preparation of equipment and flight-cases before loading-in to an event space.
  • Dedicated artist Equipment on stage.
  • ‘Bring Your Own Mic or BYOM’ has to make sense, especially for multi-act events.
  • Use Once or Named/Allocated Equipment e.g. Microphones that we supply
  • Sanitised microphones and stands.
  • Transparent Gig Screens for singers and/or brass players in front of stage to help reduce the distance guidelines and help keep the gig intimate.
  • Space and distance on stage for artists – may need to spec a bigger stage!
  • Clear, separate access routes for artists and crew.
  • Clear Entrance and Exit to stage, as well as to specific areas (to support one-way traffic).
  • Crew – Personal Hand Sanitiser and use of face masks.
  • With Multi-Crew events, we will possibly buddy-up crew members to artists to reduce any risk of cross contamination.
  • Dedicated Access Routes from Production Front-Of-House to Stage – preferably a 1.2m walkway that is not populated or obstructed – You the organiser can help with this..

So, we are ready to resume work, we can mitigate the risks to a large extent, especially in outdoor scenarios and where there is good air-flow and where the numbers of people in any given space is given due consideration.

Stay Safe!

Live Life!

Keep it Live!