Bubble Networks

We specialise in providing small businesses and professionals, who have little time to manage an IT environment, with a secure and reliable hosted email service.  Our Secure, Hosted, Enterprise Email service and full productivity groupware functions including:

  • Secure & Protected Email, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, Chat, Folders & Notes Web-Mail Client and flexible Cross-Platform client support
  • Extensive mobile device support using Exchange ActiveSync
  • Freedom to use Microsoft Outlook (Windows or Mac) or Apple OS X Apps
  • UK Hosted Email Service
  • Full Back-Up & Recovery

Why Bubble Networks?

Bubble Networks specialises in providing small businesses and professional people, who have little time to manage an IT environment, with a secure and reliable hosted email service.  

Accessing the Internet is now a ubiquitous past time, whether you are at home, work, station, airport, coffee shop or local pub; you can access Internet services wherever you are and be productive. Many major service providers  ‘bundle’ for ‘free’ an email service with your broadband or hosting package which many businesses and professionals use without a second thought…….so, we offer a viable, cost effective alternative.  Hosted Secure Email.

Take that second thought!  – If you are a small business or a professional person you will undoubtedly value these fundamental principles;

  1. Available – a service that is ‘on’ and reliable;
  2. Device Independent – a service that is available on Smart Phone, PC/Mac or Web Browser;
  3. Location Independent – access services wherever you can connect;
  4. Recoverable – in the event that your computer fails, you loose your phone or you add a new device
  5. Relevant – information that is meant for you is delivered, information (e.g. spam) is not;
  6. Protected – reducing the risk of infecting valuable data storage by making sure that viruses are not transferred to any device, regardless of the connection you use;
  7. Secure – when you log-on your personal details are protected and any passwords sent are encrypted and not visible in plain text to potential hackers and fraudsters…

We have thoroughly researched the market and have built Bubble Networks to offer our end-users all of the above fundamental principles in the service we provide.

Did you know?

  1. Major service providers offer POP3 or IMAP email services for free – the majority of these types of email services are not secure – your log-on details can be sent un-encrypted across the internet exposing you to potential hackers and fraudsters.
  2. Modern email fraud can be committed by unscrupulous users posing as you. Emails can be sent from your domain, appearing to be from you, requesting money, inviting your contacts to open dangerous and vulnerable attachments, which may contain viruses or information gathering tools to expose personal information.
  3. When you sign-up for some of the biggest names in the industry your data is hosted in the USA, subject to US law and essentially giving the federal government the right to snoop on your data, anytime.  With a UK hosted email service your rights are protected by UK law and subject to EU Data Protection and Legal Intercept regulations.

Bubble Networks have teamed up with Kerio Technologies to deliver an end-to-end secure email service and added other value-added services to ensure that your business, your data, and your information is safe.  Hosted in the UK, our Kerio platform provides the application environment with Bubble Networks hosting the services, providing the physical network and traffic management.

Kerio Connect

This award-winning, low-overhead alternative to Microsoft Exchange, Kerio Connect meets the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. It offers broad mobile device support, will work with your favourite email client, as well as providing you with the intuitive Kerio Connect web mail. Kerio Connect is stable — so you can focus on your business rather than unexpected downtime and recovery. Kerio Connect delivers measurable business value over other offerings.

Professional & Freelancer User Pricing (less than 5 users)

Single User Accounts are charged at £10.00+VAT per month (£144.00 inc VAT annually) based on a 2-Year minimum term contract, billed annually in advance and renewed annaully after the initial term.   Please contact us with any specific requirements or to receive a quotation or contract.

Business User Pricing (more than 5 users)

Multi-User business customers are charged in blocks of 5 user accounts at £37.50 + VAT per month (£540.00 inc VAT annually) based on a 2-Year minimum term contract, billed annually in advance and renewed annually after the initial term.  Please contact us with your specific user requirements and we will provide you with a tailored quotation to meet your needs.