Analogue Mixing Consoles

Analogue Mixing Consoles are compact, easy to use and familiar to any engineer.  Depending on the complexity of your requirements, this may be a cost effective alternative to the Digital Consoles.

Things to consider with Analogue is outboard!  Unless specified you will need to consider Graphic Equalisers, Compressors, Gates and possibly Effects engines in your assessment of requirements..... so, when the requirements get more complex, go Digital.  If its simple, an Analogue console will do a great job.

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Allen & Heath ZED6 Compact 6 Channel Analogue Mixer Analogue Mixing Consoles
Allen & Heath ZED6 Compact 6 channel Analogue Mixer with in-built DIs for Guitar
Starting From £ 20.00 per Day
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Denon DN412X Mixer with FX Analogue Mixing Consoles
Denon DN412X 12 Channel, 2 Bus, Analogue Mixer with FX.
Starting From £ 25.00 per Day
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Allen & Heath PA12 Analogue Mixing Console with Effects Analogue Mixing Consoles
Allen & Heath Analogue Mixing Console is a small format 12 channel mixing desk with inbuilt effects. See detailed specification for more information. Supplied in a 'use-in-base' flightcase.
Starting From £ 35.00 per Day
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