Digital Stage I/O Units

Digital Stage I/O Units have proprietary control protocols which are linked to the console, therefore if you select a Roland Console, please select a Roland S-1608 or S-2416;  DiGiCo with D2 Rack.

Roland attaches using REAC Cat5E Ethercon (20m or 100m) - A single cable is required for bi-directional control of up to 40 Channels.

DiGiCo attaches using MADI BNC (50m or 100m) - Please note that two cables are required (or a loom combining 2 cores) for Send & Receive. 

Serving: Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Berkshire, Bristol, South Wales, Herefordshire.

Roland S-1608 16 in / 8 out Stage Box Digital Stage I/O Units
Roland S-1608 REAC Stage Box with 16 analogue Inputs and 8 Outputs. Optional Rack Mounting. Compatible with all Roland Digital Mixers; M-200i / M-300 / M-400 / M-480 / M-5000C / M5000 at 48Khz or 96Khz
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DiGiCo D Rack Digital Stage I/O Units
DiGiCo D-Rack with 32 XLR inputs and 8 XLR outputs. Connected via MADI C Ethercon Cat5e. Outputs expandable to 16.
Starting From £ 40.00 per Day
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DiGiCo D2 I/O Rack Digital Stage I/O Units
DiGiCo D2 Rack 48 Analogue Inputs 16 Analogue Outputs 48Khz or 96Khz Connectivity: MADI over BNC {Main + Aux} Twin PSU - IEC
Starting From £ 60.00 per Day
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