Digital Stage Boxes

The range of Roland Stage Boxes provide a perfect companion for the digital console, or plugged together as a Digital Snake.

The Roland REAC System is configured in a 'Point to Point' system carrying 40 channels bi-directionally on each CAT5e UTP and commits the entire bandwidth of the network.  When running multiple boxes from a single cable the Roland S-4000M Merge Unit is required allowing a maximum of 4 Stage Boxes per single cable up to a maximum of 40 Channels patchable on each cable.

The M-300 and M-480 feature 2 x REAC Ports allowing 2 cable lines to be attached.

The M-5000C also has 2 x REAC Ports plus the ability to add up to 2 x XI Interface cards each containing 2 further REAC Ports.

Stage boxes are configure as follows;

S-0808  Analogue 8 in / 8 out.  4 of the XLR inputs have optional TRS connection and 2 of these have optional Hi-Z negating the need for DIs on stage.  The S-0808 is powered by Power Over Ethernet (POE) and up to 4 units can be attached to the S-4000M which provides the intelligent patching as well as the POE.

S-1608  Analogye 16in / 8 out.  Standard Box provided with M-300 and M-480.

S-2416  Analogue 24 in / 16 out.  Digital AES 8 in / 8 out via rear mounted D-Sub (optional cable accessory available to hire with 5m Neutrik tails.  Featuring high quality, low noise floor pre-amps suitable for broadcast applications as well as live stage use.  

S-3208  [Special Order] Analogue or Digital Configurations of up to 40 inputs or 40 outputs in a combination of 10 configurable cards (must be assigned inputs or outputs in pairs).  Standard configuration is 32 analogue inputs and 8 analogue outputs. 

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Roland S-0808 POE 8x8 REAC Stage Box with DIs Digital Stage Boxes
Roland S-0808 REAC Stage Box is Powered Over Ethernet (POE) from the S-4000M Merge Unit. Up to 4 boxes can be attached to a single REAC Line providing 32 inputs and 32 Outputs. Each box offers 4 optional TRS inputs, 2 of which can be switched HI-Z negating the need for DIs cluttering the stage.
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Roland S-4000M REAC Merge Unit Digital Stage Boxes
Roland S-4000M REAC Merge Unit provides 4 REAC Ports for multiple stage boxes to connect to a single REAC line to the console. Also provides Power Over Ethernet (POE) for S-0808 Stage Box.
Starting From £ 20.00 per Day
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Roland S-1608 16 in / 8 out Stage Box Digital Stage Boxes
Roland S-1608 REAC Stage Box with 16 analogue Inputs and 8 Outputs. Optional Rack Mounting.
Starting From £ 20.00 per Day
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Roland S-2416 REAC Stage Box Digital Stage Boxes
Roland S-2416 REAC Stage Box. 24 Analogue Inputs, 16 Analogue Outputs plus 8x8 AES on rear D-Sub. 4U Rack Mounting REAC Stage Box compatible with M-300 / M-400/M-480/M-5000C and M-5000.
Starting From £ 40.00 per Day
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